2 May

Coffee-art-coffee-30800586-500-360Coffee is one of the most preferable beverages for peoples of all ages and they use to consume coffee to refresh the moods and mind. The coffee is basically the brewed drink which is prepared from the roasted beans or coffee beans and these are mainly the seeds of coffea and berries plant. Coffees are presented and prepared in many varieties such as cappuccino, espresso, café latte and others and served as iced as well as hot coffee.


The one of the most important technique to get coffee on beverage form is coffee brewing which is also termed as coffee making method and it is very important to turn the raw beans into the powdered coffee. The brewing technique basically follows the 4 common and important method which is :

  1. The roasting of the raw coffee beans.
  2. Then the roasted beans should be grounded
  3. After sometime, the grounded coffee beans amalgamated with hot water for some time and this method mainly called as brewing method or coffee brewing
  4. Then the liquid form of coffee is going to be separated with the grounded one

The above steps are 4 basic things which should be followed while coffee making methods but there are plenty of ways to make coffee and you can also try some other brewing method which is different from the traditional brewing method of coffee. Let we discuss some of them:

  • Boiling method: It is one of the most simple and economical method of coffee brewing which is not actually brewing but coffee boiling method. Due to its easiness, anybody can do this method. In this method, the coffee grounds are placed inside any cup or vessel and then boiling water is to be poured over them. After sometime on the bottom of the vessel, grounds start sinking and this is the indication that the coffee is now ready to drink. This is the method by using which tea is also brewed and had been performed by most of the peoples
  • Cowboy coffee: Because of this coffee came from the campfire, it is called cowboy coffee and it is prepared by mixing few coffee grounds with hot water. It is also one of the most simple and common method which required no equipments and gives clear cup production of coffee.

Apart from these, there are certain other brewing methods and one of the most prominent among them is Pressure brewing methods which also have number of techniques such as:

  • Vacuum Coffee Brewing: This technique need the device called vacuum brewer for brewing coffee and it is spectacular device also called Vac pot or vacuum pot. This device consists of two bowls one upper and one on lower and on the upper bowl, coffee grounds had been placed and on lower on, water is to be placed. Then the pot is set on the burner and after sometime, the coffee had been brewed.

There are certain other methods are also there such as steeping method, gravity brewing method and others.